Global Warranty Inc.

Q:Why are warranties important for your new-to-you pre owned vehicle?

A: No one can predict how long moving parts can last without repairs not even the new vehicle manufacturers — that is why they have warranties.

Q: Do I need a warranty protection plan?

A: No but just like insurance on a car or house it is better to be protected than not because you never know. Moving parts can break at any given time with or without warning.

Q: Can I renew my warranty protection plan?

A: Yes. You can visit us prior to the expiry date or mileage and apply for an extension for the same term or longer as your original protection plan. Upgrades may also be available.

Q: Is the warranty expensive?

A: Absolutely not. At least not with us. You can purchase a power train warranty protection package to fit your budget…within reason of course.

  • You can customize your warranty to your needs ask Jamie for details or visit the Global Warranty site for more details.
  • Our warranty provider is 100% insured.
  • Repair shops all over North America are at your service, a certified technician will get you back on the road.
  • Toll free calls to customer service and claims departments, with friendly staff.
  • Safe yourself from those costly repairs.
  • Please click the link below to visit the Global Warranty web site to get an idea of what they can provide for your new-to-you vehicle.