We Buy


Q:Selling your vehicle?

A:We buy privately owned vehicles for the best possible price we can give. We will appraise the vehicle based on its overall condition and current wholesale market value.

Q:How do we get to a price that is good for you and for us?

A:We research your vehicle year, make, model, trim level, etc to determine what our competitors are selling similar for. We look your vehicle over to determine what refurbishment cost is needed for resale and always include a margin for miscellaneous repairs not found under visual inspection . We include a modest profit margin with room to move if the vehicle is not a fast seller.  Now that we have calculated refurbishments, miscellaneous repairs, and projected a modest profit margin we now have a value for your vehicle.

Please Note:

  • Your vehicle may be subject to mechanical check over on the hoist prior to any value given.
  • Your vehicle may be subject to a Carfax Canada report and/or Lien check.
  • We do “NOT” deal with Rebuilt or Salvage title vehicles.